Group appealing permit decision in attempt to stop construction of The Kingfish Company’s Maine land-based fish farm

An activist group said Tuesday it is planning to appeal a Nov. 29 decision by the Jonesport, Maine, planning board approving a building permit application for land-based yellowtail farmer The Kingfish Company, the last step required for the company to begin pre-construction design and engineering on its new facility in the United States.

The group Protect Downeast said its appeal is based on “numerous reasons,” including what it claims is Kingfish’s failure to meet several of the land use standards that are there to protect Chandler Bay and surrounding waters.”

In addition, Protect Downeast says it confirmed with the Maine Department of Environmental Protection that as of Dec. 12, Kingfish has not yet filed proof that it has the financial resources to build this project.

“We have no idea why Kingfish hasn’t lined up the financial resources it needs to break ground,” the group’s attorney, Attorney Elizabeth Boepple, said in a press statement.

She said until all appeals are resolved, the local permits are not final, and no construction can begin. The group has until Dec. 29 to file its appeal.

The company is already fully permitted by state and federal regulatory agencies.

In November, The Kingfish Company CEO Ohad Maiman stepped down from his CEO role. Executive Chairman Hans den Bieman is serving as interim CEO while the search takes place for a long-term replacement. Den Bieman has worked closely with Maiman since the beginning of the company.

The company is planning to build an 8,500 metric ton farm during Phase 1 of its construction process.

Source: Intrafish