Kingfish: more questions than answers

During the last week, there has been a lot of conversation about what the Jonesport planning board will do with the Kingfish project. I am confident that the board will do its absolute best to do right by the people of the Jonesport community. I am also confident that the Shoreland Zoning and Land Use/Development ordinance standards will by followed to a T.

As a Jonesport resident, I’m concerned about the potential effects the Kingfish large-scale aquaculture project could have in our small town. These are the questions I ponder…and hope to get answers to.

1) Is 1580 pounds of nitrogen into Chandler Bay daily really a good idea when nitrogen can lead to algal blooms?

2) What harm will Kingfish do to marine life?

3) Does Jonesport want an industrialized facility as part of the Bold Coast Scenic Highway?

4) How will the Town of Jonesport’s infrastructure be affected by the Kingfish facility?

5) Why is Kingfish building housing as part of their industrial plan if jobs are going to locals?

6) Yellowtail is a high-end consumer product; Kingfish stands to make millions. Why do they need a tax break from the state for five years?

7) Will Kingfish be contributing to and/or using our Working Waterfront? How will Kingfish benefit our local economy and foster economic development?

8) What else don’t we know?

I am sure many of you have more questions than I…

Carrie Peabody

Machias Valley News Observer, August 3, 2022