Protect our Jonesport fishing heritage

Why are we so willing to throw away our heritage? I am part of a multigenerational lobstering family and when I look at my grandsons, I see the future. But what will be left for them if the KF project is approved? I am opposed to the Kingfish project because there are too many unanswered questions. The state has written a permit in which they admit Kingfish discharge will degrade the quality of the water. It’s not okay that the state feels this is appropriate. We are now counting on the planning board to do what the state has failed to do – protect our waters. The proposed production of Kingfish will most certainly degrade the quality of the seawater and most likely interrupt, if not destroy, the livelihood of our fishing industry! I find it hard to comprehend why the state is making the lobster fisherman take such drastic and expensive measures to “Save the Whales” while at the same time giving permission to contaminate and possibly destroy, the very waters that grow the species that these whales feed upon? We ALL have the responsibility to our families, community, and state to “Protect Our Waters” and I speak for “our” grandchildren in advocating for this!

Joy Frances Look Alley
Machias Valley News Observer, August 17, 2022