The ‘Golden Age’ is gone

Life is not going back to the way it was, no matter how hard we wish it. We are deep into a changing climate, despite childish, willful ignorance/denial by some.

Certain elected officials who have the power are choosing to give our tax money to corporations instead of helping regular people prepare for what’s coming right at us.

If we don’t do this beginning now, the scientists – those not owned by the chemical, coal, or oil industrials – tell us that at certain tipping points, we won’t be able to stop the heating of Earth and then…and then…well, you can imagine.

These huge projects being proposed for our small communities – the Dutch fishery in Jonesport and the giant flagpole and village in or next to Columbia Falls, need to be looked at in light of everyone’s future existence.

Jobs and money – despite the Dutch spreading lots of money around – will not matter when their project uses up everyone’s groundwater and pollutes the ocean. Both will happen if this thing is permitted. They will not be able to stop it.

Has anyone gotten an answer on what they would-if permitted- feed these thousands upon thousands of non-native fish? I would bet some of that feed is people-edible fish along with genetically-modified corn, soy, canola, or the like.

We, the people who live here and will be most affected (I’m on the water and closer to the Dutch corporation’s plant than people in West Jonesport, for example), ought to have the final say by voting after official Public Hearing with everyone under oath.

Is there anyone in Jonesport looking for a job? Lots of jobs in this newspaper every week; some have been begging for help for over a year, so that argument falls by the wayside.

Same with Columbia Falls. Plenty of jobs for local people if one is looking to work. And what about the thousands of cheap labor people who would be brought in if this thing is permitted – how would they fit in? [Advantage – would give local people more from-aways to ridicule and feel superior to.]

Those to whom money means nearly everything – even at the cost of our clean water and way of life – are becoming history, we hope. Unless we work together to slow the heating of Earth, the heat and drought we have now will be nothing compared to what our children and grandchild will face.

If I owned the land proposed for these projects, I would turn them into forest farms, with food trees and perennial food plants so we could supply local people with good, healthy food, and also teach our young people how to be self-sufficient.

And you’d better believe we need to begin self-sufficiency training right now.

Seems our government isn’t here to help us, just take money to spend on their corporate friends. We’re on our own out here in Washington County, with only ourselves and family and friends to count on.

These two huge projects just don’t make sense in these times, if they ever would have. Self-sufficiency is the name of the game from here on.

Save your garden seeds, grow more every year, get a wood stove for when the power goes out in winter, and live as frugally as you can to conserve our natural resources, especially our clean water, upon which all life depends.

Nancy Oden, Jonesboro
Machias Valley News Observer, August 24, 2022